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We know Displays!

Custom retail displays are what our company was founded on. They are used in stores large and small across the US. These displays help give your store that one of a kind or signature look. Think about when you walk into a Crate & Barrel store. No matter where you are in the country, you know you just walked into a Crate & Barrel and that is because of their signature fixtures which were engineered and manufactured by us!

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WW Pedestals is a division of WW Displays, our Company has shipped well over 100,000 pedestals to retail stores. The projected in-service life of our pedestals is 10 years in high traffic retail environments. WW Displays has manufactured the retail displays, counters and trade fixtures for over 200 major retail store locations.


LUV BRIDAL, Photo courtesy of KLS Photography, 


Over the years we became aware of a niche industry, designed a product specifically to fulfill their needs  and produced it with the highest quality materials with the most beautiful finishes.  Bridal salon owners across the country see thousands of brides a day and come to us for their riser and display needs.


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